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 Welcome  to Aquathin Greater Boston Water Purification Systems, your one stop  shop for your water purification, filtration, and treatment systems. We  provide analysis, sales, installation, and post sale maintenance for  water filtration and softener systems.  

 AQUATHIN® CORP. was founded in March of 1980 and formulated from a  single concept that we are going to produce the most effective water  purification system available (EPA EST. NO. 52531-FL-01). Since the  beginning AQUATHIN® has acquired a patent for its unique treatment  system which utilizes REVERSE OSMOSIS PLUS DEIONIZATION. Over Aquathin's  40 Years of Pure Excellence, we have earned seven patents, eight  trademarks and developed over 70 systems. At AQUATHIN®, we listen to the  important feedback from our dealers and from their input, developed the  finest water filtration, conditioning and treatment systems for  residential, commercial and laboratory applications. All AQUATHIN®  systems encompass sophisticated design and technique for  the highest efficiency available. Maintenance is minimal allowing us to  give you the finest warranty in the industry . . . and we live up to  it. Your AQUATHIN® Water Treatment Professional has been trained and  educated with the technical support afforded at AQUATHIN® UNIVERSITY. 

 Further, when you purchase your AQUATHIN® you have become  a member of the ever-growing AQUATHIN® FAMILY. We will send you an  annual service reminder direct from the factory free of charge, to have  your system inspected and serviced if necessary. 

Certifications & Recognition of Excellence


IAMPO's Platinum Water Systems Certification

AQUATHIN® achieved and has held WQA Gold Seal Certification for many years. In 2015  AQUATHIN® elected not to renew this certification in 2016 for the purpose of investing in and acquiring IAPMO Certification. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials is a more prestigious and globally recognized brand in the architectural, construction, plumbing, diagnostics and residential marketplace.  AQUATHIN®  systems continues to comply with AND exceed Gold Seal Certification test and quality parameters.



 AQUATHIN®  is proud to be a WQA certified company, and AQUATHIN GREATER BOSTON, is  proud to be a distributor of their products. The Water Quality  Associations’ Gold Seal Certification Program is dedicated to providing  safety services and public health throughout the United States of  America and throughout the globe, while maintaining a superior  reputation, fair pricing and quality service. The program offers  certification to all chemicals and products that contact drinking water. 



 AQUATHIN GREATER BOSTON, distributor of AQUATHIN® products, is proud to be a  distributor of an ISO certified company. Certification from  International Organization for Standardization (ISO) includes a group of  standards that serves as framework for management systems. These  standards include quality environmental management, fundamentals,  performance improvements and requirements. AQUATHIN® has proven that it  follows these standards developed by ISO. AQUATHIN® complies with  various international standards, such as safety, quality, economical,  reliability and environmental friendliness. Being an ISO certified  company sends a clear message to our customers in the Greater Boston  area that our water security systems are worth buying. 


Building a Sustainable Home

 Author, Melissa Rappaport Schifman is the founder of Green Intention LLC and the Editor and Sustainability Thought Leader at Rise (  As a LEED Accredited Professional, Melissa led the LEED certification of two million commercial and residential square feet.  Melissa holds her MBA and MA in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and lives in Minneapolis with her family in their LEED Gold Certified home.  LEED [ Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ] 



 The  Orthodox Union (OU), a community based organization, has set the bar  for the highest standards of Kosher certification for over 80 years.  Today, the OU supervises hundreds of thousands of products in more than  90 countries throughout the world. Accepted globally, AQUATHIN® takes  pride that all of its water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and  water filtration systems and products are supervised and approved by the  OU Kosher. 



 CE  stands for Conformite Europeenne, which is French for "European  Conformity." A product in one of these controlled product categories  cannot be legally sold in the EU, unless it has passed vigorous testing  to receive the Conformite Europeenne (CE) marking. 



 The  Emerald Award Program is designed to recognize individuals, companies,  organizations and government, in Broward County FL, demonstrating a  commitment to preserving and protecting our environment. The program  recognizes exemplary performance in the following categories: Pollution  Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction Recycling Green  Practices/Innovative Climate Change Leader AQUATHIN® is proud to be  recognized by The Emerald Award Program. Our company, AQUATHIN GREATER  BOSTON, provides green water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and  water filtration systems and products in the Greater Boston Area. 



 AQUATHIN®  is committed to exporting and successfully utilizes the assistance of  the U.S. Commerce Department. AQUATHIN® has earned the prestigious and  coveted President’s Excellence in Exporting Award, the highest United  States recognition for exporting. 



 The Presidential ‘E Star’ Awards are  awarded for continued superior performance in increasing or promoting  exports. Only previous recipients of the ‘E’ Award are eligible. The  period of consideration covers the most recent three years of export  operation; it does not overlap any portion of the period covered by the  ‘E’ Award; and the level of performance must exceed that for which the  ‘E’ Award was given. Since the inception of the E Award in 1961, less  than 300 companies have managed to achieve this pinnacle achievement. 


2019 marks Aquathin's 40th year of excellence!


Two simple guarantees are available:


Our home water security system  makes the purest drinking water possible. If you can find a system  within 30 days after your purchase with the same features and benefits,  lifetime warranty, and the purest water, we will gladly refund your  money and buy their system.

       We cannot be undersold for a comparable system, because our system is  proprietary RO-DI and only AQUATHIN® has it. Do not be fooled by any  competitor's claims of the purest water. Let us prove it! We also have  portables. 


 Financing options available through Time Payment Corp.